Myanmar REDD+ news: .......REDD+ Core Unit Meeting held on 30 January 2014 at Forest Department Headquarter, Nay Pyi Taw.........ToT training for improving Extension Capacity in Climate Change and REDD+ held at Forest Research Institute, Yezin from 17 to 21 February 2014.......

Stakeholders and Safeguard WG

The Objectives of this Working Group includes:

  1. To establish a process for stakeholder engagement during the development of the Roadmap, and to set out a broad strategy for further stakeholder engagement during the preparation of a comprehensive national REDD+ strategy;
  2. To identify current measures in respect to the Cancun safeguards applying to forest management in Myanmar, and propose measures to strengthen those safeguards.
Stakeholder Consultation and Safeguards TWG Members
Forest Department (x4), MoECAF
Forest Research Institute, MoECAF
Dry Zone Greening Department, MoECAF
Private Sector